CCTV Surveillance

cctv cameras

For over a decade we have been pioneers in the use of state-of-the-art CCTV equipment that is tailor-made to suit our clients’ specifications.

About CCTV services

  • We have professional surveillance equipment that includes the most up to date CCTV in the market
  • Using a variety of cameras, from dome to zoom to pan and tilt, supplemented by infrared for low light conditions, we can ensure the activity you want is captured
  • We also provide a full phase of accessories to complement our equipment such as camera mounts and covers for external installations
  • CCTV when set-up in conjunction with a monitored control room can be a powerful proactive crime prevention tool, especially when monitored by trained personnel
  • Images can be stored for as long as you want by utilising both onsite and offsite recording facilities. We currently provide up to 90 days of storage as standard practice for many of our clients
  • Complex multi-site viewing platforms can be streamed using the internet into a centralised command centre for both monitoring and storage