Trained to international standards, our guards implement rigorous and personalized assignment instructions. All our guards are permanent employees, smartly uniformed, continuously trained and insured. Due to the nature of our business, we have to implement stringent vetting criteria for our recruitment and training processes which include:

  • Age which has proved to be a key discriminator for reliable candidates and therefore our recruits are all over the age of 22
  • We use an independent local firm to run background checks and vet all individuals before they are considered
  • They are then evaluated and put through our in-house training programme
  • Annual refresher courses are compulsory

We have procedures that ensure our guards are both sufficiently supported and correctly monitored. Regular and extensive on-site surveys and consultations with our clients enable us to provide security solutions ideally suited to their operations. All our guards undergo intensive training in our internal training school as well as client-specific training on site thus ensuring that our high standards are maintained.

All Staff are trained in

  • First Aid
  • Fire Detection
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Crime Prevention
  • Assistance and Emergency Response

Each guard is monitored at variable intervals by a mobile supervisor patrol unit.