Our focus is perhaps expressed best through our various taglines of:

“Our business is protecting yours”
“Our business is securing yours”
“Our business is delivering yours”
“Our business is marketing yours”
“Our business is archiving yours”
“Our business is storing yours”

Wells fargo star                                   Fargo’s focus is based on living by and for our customers’ success. We want to be their “top-of-mind” and “top-                                 of-heart” first choice.  We  focus on continuously build lasting relationships with our clients and associates.                                      We focus on creating value for our clients by providing them with the best security, transport and logistics services.                        We focus on helping them to be competitive in their own business sector.

Fargo’s sense of accountability involves the process of seeing it, owning it, solving it, and doing it. Fargo values the fact that          providing our uniquely sensitive service requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping and being accountable for            all commitments. We value the ability of our staff and organisation as a whole to honour and keep our promise.                                                                     We will also take responsibility for our work and continuously correct  mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

Fargo’s objective is to be a reliable partner. This we do by maintaining our reputation of acting with integrity, respect and fulfilling our promises.
Fargo complies with legislation, regulations and further ensures that our service quality is improved continuously.
We maintain reliability by providing timely, accurate, useful and value adding services.

In an industry that relies heavily on innovation supported by distinct capabilities,  growth is imperative. Fargo is committed to constantly creating and adapting to new ways of conducting business in order  to improve and enhance security and ultimately financial gain. Fargo strives to foster growth for both the organisation as well as for our individual staff members. Supporting and pursuing new opportunities and encouraging innovative ways creates an atmosphere of teamwork, expands our capabilities and strengthens our company’s core.

Fargo fully understands that the sensitive nature of security and transport services requires precise and timely organisation of resources, processes and procedures, in order to meet clients current and ever-changing needs.  Fargo constantly and deliberately plans and organises the implementation of organisation-wide efforts in order  to optimise  effectiveness and efficiency.                                                                         Fargo ensures that its investment and resources including structures are processes are aimed towards addressing the ever changing market dynamics such as technology and other new unique opportunities.