Alarms (Intrusion and Panic)

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Conforming to the highest international standards, we have effective alarm systems to fit all of your needs.

About the services

Our alarm systems are maintained and supported by a team of technicians operating from our fully equipped, in-house workshops.

  • Our radio alarm system is programmed to not only receive alarm signals but also has a two way system that can check the status of where the signal is sent from at regular intervals
  • We have installed VHF radio links between our control rooms, police 999 and fire station control rooms as a precaution against congestion of telephone systems
  • Utilizing crime technology we have incorporated mobile phone technology as a supplementary radio alarm transmission platform

Intruder Alarms Services

  • Emergency alarms – this includes remote panic buttons, emergency break glass units and duress alarms
  • Intruder alarms – includes motion detectors, electronic beams, vibration sensors and magnetic contacts
  • We also have fire alarms that detect smoke and heat as well as alarm equipment that will alert people to the fire threat
  • ATM alarms that are triggered when tampered
  • Guard clocks that monitor the efficiency of our guards and ensure patrols are effectively executed

Alarms Procedures

  • When triggered, our panic buttons, detectors and alarms immediately send signals to our control rooms, the police headquarters and/or fire brigade simultaneously
  • Our Alarm systems are backed by our Rapid Reaction Back-up teams who are always on stand by to respond to any incident that is triggered by the alarm
  • All events are recorded by our sophisticated Alarm Monitoring Management Systems installed within our nationwide control rooms.