Integrated Security Services


We provide a complete and integrated approach to electronic security services by using the most innovative technology that delivers real value efficiencies and sets us apart from other Security services providers. Wells Fargo Integrated Security Solution Services comprises of;

Alarm Services
Our alarm transmission systems are by default highly sophisticated and monitored through our state of art control room, which is manned by eight professional at all times day and night.

Control Panel
In order to keep up with the advancement in technology, Fargo now sources the most sophisticated and high technology panels manufactured by the world-renowned Canadian-based Digital Security Controls (DSC).

Like the control panels, Wells Fargo only uses the best transceivers manufactured by Motorola and KP.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
In response to the increase in robberies committed in Banks during the 1990’s, Wells Fargo introduced the concept of installing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems in the banks. CCTV has since proved to be a very effective deterrent and investigative tool. Like alarms, the technology in this field has also made rapid advances.

Access Control
Wells Fargo is proud to have pioneered the use of state-of-the-art access control equipment in order to deliver sophisticated security solution.