Valuables Management Services

valuables management services

Our professional team provides logistical solutions in transportation, storage and processing applications for all valuable items to a variety of clientele. These range from Financial institutions, retail, government and the private individual.

Equipped with a fleet of over 100 purpose-built armored vehicles and state of the art security monitoring equipment, we offer reliable cash and valuables in transit services. We continuously monitor the movement of vehicles daily through our Network of Branches and National Central Control via radio and GPRS tracking technology.

About the services

VIT services were implemented to ease the task of transferring and handling valuables. We have strict procedures, skilled staff, a fleet of fully armored vehicles and state of the art cash management center that ensure efficient and secure delivery and storage of valuables.

Valuables in Transit Portfolio
Physical safe boxes and locks to secure your valuables during transport The boxes are all uniquely numbered and stored in permanent purpose built safes whilst in transit, within each vehicle. CIT vehicles are equipped with tracking systems and panic buttons Transfers are made with an entourage of nine members comprising of : a lead vehicle driver, chase car driver, two cash escorts, crew commander and a minimum of four armed Police Each vehicle has a two way radio used to monitor the status of the transfers

Valuables In Transit

  • Cash and Valuables in Transit services
  • Cheque encashment services (petty cash management)
  • Cross border cash repatriation – monitoring and surveillance
  • Cross Border cash repatriations – Imports/Exports
  • Payroll Management
  • Mobile Banking Services
  • Event Management
  • Key(s) Handling Services